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Intro/Outro: Boxcat Games – Against the Wall

Listen to the hzrd149 Bowls With Buds if you missed it live.

Tune in FRIDAY at 8pm CT for MouseyBear & Tjunta Bowls With Buds!


Samourai Wallet founders arrested, charged with money laundering, unlicensed money transmitting offenses (

Samourai Wallet co-founder Keonne Rodriguez pleads not guilty, released on $1M bond (NO BS BTC)

How to migrate Samourai wallet to Sparrow (

Sparrow Wallet v1.9.0: Remove Whirlpool client and Soroban-related features (No Bullshit Bitcoin)

FBI issues warning against using ‘no-KYC’ cryptocurrency money transmitting services (IC3)

Phoenix Wallet to stop serving US customers on May 3rd (No BS BTC)

zkSNACKS Coinjoin coordinator is now blocking US residents, citizens (TTS)

DOJ challenges Tornado Cash developers’ motion to dismiss (No BS BTC)

Roger Ver charged with mail fraud, tax evasion and filing false tax returns (DOJ)

Solo Bitcoin miner hits the 3.125 BTC lottery, solving valid block (Cointelegraph)


33 arrested at pro-Palestine rally after Indiana University policy change (WISH-TV)
Tornado kills 5, injuries 33 in Chinese metro (CNN)
Zombie deer disease now spread to 33 states (Denver7)
Bangladesh: Extreme heat kicks 33 million children out of schools (BBC)

Mother’s Day spending expected to top $33 billion (WILX)


Biden delays proposed rule to ban menthol cigarettes (HHS)

Biden Administration aims to reclassify marijuana as less dangerous drug (The Wall Street Journal)
US DEA will move to reclassify marijuana (The Associated Press)
THE DOJ is expected to recommend marijuana be reclassified as less dangerous (NPR)

Biden administration takes step to make marijuana use a less serious crime (Reuters)
Explainer: How US change on marijuana would help cannabis companies (Reuters)
DEA exempts ayahuasca import, religous use for Arizona church (Filter)

Judge upholds $191,000 award to former Amsterdam, New York wastewater treatment worker who was fired over medical pot use (Times-Union)

New York regulators ask federal court to dismiss lawsuit claiming their pot licensing process discriminates against white males (Green Market Report)

North Dakota Secretary of State Michael Howe approves legalization initiative (ND Monitor)
The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court overturned a ruling that found reimbursing an injured worker for medical pot violated federal law (Business Insurance)

Thailand’s public health minister signs directive allowing use of psilocybin and opium for medical treatment and research (Nation Thailand)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us Diablo Swing Orchestra – Swagger and Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time THEY Ever stepped on a thumbtack.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got the wind knocked out of you.

Call or text NOW: (816) 607-3663


Sexsomnia (CNN)

Paleontologists unravel secrets of ‘enigmatic’ 33-foot prehistoric shark after fossil discovery (Smithsonian Magazine)

Chicago’s rat hole removed after city determines sidewalk was damaged (AP)
Utah cat accidentally shipped in Amazon return box found 650 miles from home by warehouse worker (FOX)
Ohio teen pulls in massive 101-pound blue catfish setting new state record (FOX)
Giant tumor growing for decades removed from neck of Scottsdale man (FOX)

Florida city low on cemetery space considers repurposing schools (FOX)
Wales: Firefighters rescue poodle trapped under kitchen (MAWW Fire)

Australia: Escaped dog shuts down traffic in underground tunnel (9News)

Boy, 13, fines ‘holy grail’ Lego octopus piece from sea spillage in 1997 (Sky)

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