Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 304 Producers: Boo-Bury, harvhat, Boolysteed, Piranesi, ChadF, NetNed, phifer, SirVo, marykateultra

Intro: Trackman Beatz – Foes

Happy birthday RSS! 25 years young

Security Now

TWiT 354: Adam’s Got a Gun (YouTube)

TWiT 368: Zombie Slayer (YouTube) 

It’s Christmas Time Again (LN Beats)

The Platform (LN Beats)

Hardware Store Lady (LN Beats)

Autistic Girl (LN Beats) 

Pirates of Silicon Valley (IMDB)

Korg NanoKontrol

Mixxx / foobar2000 / i3

Jupiter Broadcasting / Linux Unplugged

SuperCollider / LilyPond / LaTeX

Sibelius / Finale

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