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Intro/Outro: HOME – Head First

Carolyn and Fletcher of Hog Story fame were back on Bowls With Buds with us last Friday!

Saturday, we joined Pheonix and PhoneBoy for their 100th episode of The Lotus Effect.

Next Bowls With Buds: October 1 with StevenB following No Agenda *LIVE*!

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FASB Adopts Crypto Accounting and Disclosure Rule for Companies (The Wall Street Journal)

El Salvador to introduce Bitcoin education in schools (Cointelegraph)

Fold Boosts & Busts

Helipad 0.1.10

Someone paid 20 BTC in fees (The Block)


Novo obesity drugs have $33 billion potential, JPMorgan says (Bloomberg)

Buyers sought for Signature Bank’s $33 billion commercial real-estate portfolio (Reuters) 

French president will reach Bangladesh tonight after 33 years (DD News)


Cresco Labs launches first-ever cannabis advertisements on Spotify (Businesswire)

Supreme Court asked if police dog’s paws violated Constitution during traffic stop (USA Today)

Federal judge blocks state’s new law banning delta-8 THC products (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

California Governor Gavin Newsom has a bill to legalize possession and cultivation of certain psychedelics on his desk along with a bill legalizing cannabis cafes (ABC 7)

Massachusetts attorney general’s office certified two psychedelics legalization proposals for signature collection (

Hull, Massachusetts votes to overturn ban on recreational marijuana sales (WBZ NewsRadio)

Going to the bathroom at a highway rest stop does not make you a drug trafficker, appeals court rules (Minnesota Reformer)

Mother wins $75,000 after New York took her baby because of marijuana use (The New York Times) 

Anti-cannabis coalition accuses NY of ‘money laundering’ (Times Union)

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians become first jurisdiction between the borders of North Carolina to legalize pot (FOX)

Oregon regulators suspend aspergillus testing requirements (OR Health Authority)

Vape business sues Lancaster County DA, Drug Task Force over seizure of THC-laced hemp products (Lancaster Online)

Virginia officials sued in federal court over state law restricting THC content (Virginia Mercury)

Portland City Council unanimously passes ordinance to ban consumption of controlled substances in public (


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Sabine’s Introduction cover from Ahsoka by Jeremy Bronze Music.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever bumped their heads on the ceiling.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever died in a dream.


WANTED: 33-year-old man accused of stealing baseball legend Reggie Jackson’s Dodge Hellcat in downtown Houston (KWTX)

Google fixes 33 Android flaws including ‘dangerous’ trio that let hackers take over your phones (The U.S. Sun)

A 33-year-old woman with a rare illness died aged 33 after a doctor said it was a mental health problem instead (Insider)

Couple livid after sitting next to farting dog on 13-hour flight (Fox)

Drivers confused by mysterious yellow line that spans 20 miles on I-95 (News 4 JAX)

Dog lost at Atlanta airport found three weeks later (CBS News)

England police respond to ‘mass killing’ that turned out to be a yoga class (BBC)

China authorities arrest 2 for smashing shortcut through Great Wall with excavator (Associate Press)

Alabama high school student digs up 34-million-year-old whale skull on family farm (Fox)

Human skull found in Arizona Goodwill donation box (AZ Family)

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