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Intro/Outro: DRW – Acid Break


RaspiBolt / Mempool / Coldcard Q1 / Fedimint winners


33 graves discovered during Houston METRO construction near African American cemetery (KXAN / NBC)

At least 33 Myanmar Regime Forces reported killed in three days of resistance attacks (The Irrawaddy)

Death toll surpasses 33,000 in Turkey, Syria earthquake as anger builds over response time (USA Today)

Charlottesville tiki torcher killed himself before drug smuggling trial (The Daily Beast)


Seth Meyers joke about Oklahoma ruling

DEA says delta-8 and delta-9 THCO are Schedule I in letter to attorney

American Society of Addiction Medicine backs broad drug decriminalization and expungement (ASAM)

Former Secretary of State and Central Intelligence Director Mike Pompeo sat down for an interview with John Stossel (YouTube)

Federal court orders HBI International to change its RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Paper packaging and promotions (PR Newswire)

Cannabis chain once worth $1.7 billion and called the ‘Apple store of weed’ is now nearly failing as the once-hot pot industry faces a major reckoning (Fortune)

Cannabis ruling offers narrow path to bankruptcy perks (Bloomberg)

California Department of Public Health launches Mind Over Marijuana ads for Marijuana Month

Connecticut attorney general announces crackdown on “illegal sale” of delta-8 THC (

Georgia judge denies request to unseal medical cannabis commission documents, legislative fix proposed (The Item)

METRC expands track-and-trace government contract with the state of Missouri for regulation of adult-use market

Typo in New York law complicates expungement efforts (The New York Times)

First dispensary outside NYC opens

New York park ranger loses job, denied law enforcement positions over text to wife about medical pot: lawsuit (New York Post)

Bill to set THC limit for drivers in Virginia, allow police to use roadside saliva tests dies (WIRC / ABC 8)

Gaize launches portable eye movement test to screen for impairment (PR Web)

Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission director resigns over rare bourbon scandal (OPB)

Hong Kong makes first CBD-related arrest after ban went into effect (South China Morning Post)

Amsterdam is banning marijuana use on streets of red light district (CNN)

Sri Lanka Ayuverda Department taking legal action against company behind cannabis chocolate for Valentine’s Day (Daily Mirror)


Tonight, Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever jumped  a car.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fermented something.


Polish mom gives birth to quintuplets (Associated Press)

Mars Wrigley fined after two workers fell into a tank of chocolate (CNN)

German ballet director suspended over feces attack on critic (AP)

Chinese training drug-sniffing squirrels (New York Post)

Children honor dad’s dying wish, throw prosthetic leg into ocean (NY Post) 

Man dies after he’s shot by his own gun that was triggered by MRI machine (Miami Herald)

Brooklyn woman convicted of attempted murder in cheesecake poisoning of Queens look-alike (Queens DA)

New Zealand police find 3.5 tons of cocaine in Pacific Ocean (AP) 

Family says dog kept bringing them bones, then a human skull (Fox)

Rare cancer causes US man to suddenly develop an Irish sounding accent (Science Alert)

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