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Shoutout to Vox of Complex Candor for joining us on the first Bowls With Buds of the new year.

See you Friday at the Kansas City Hairball concert meetup!

We will be back with a Bowls With Buds FRIDAY ft. Kris Vox around noon CST.

INTRO: Moon Blade – Neon Rain

OUTRO: Sellin’ Out (Citizen’s Song) – HeyCitizen


KC Bitcoin Coffee Meetup

Prime Trust Texas license issue (Nobs Bitcoin) 

Strike adds Clover (Bitcoin Magazine) 

Ordinals launch NFT on Bitcoin (BTC Mag) 


33 new cases: Azerbaijan (AzerNews)


Pfizer expects 2023 sales to decline as much as 33% compared with record-breaking 2022 (CNBC)

Opium production rises in [sic] 33% Myanmar, 20 first season after military coup, UN report says (CBS News)

‘Slimming pill’ drug to be classified as poison after at least 33 deaths (Independent UK)

Vacasa says 33, not 240, Portland employees will lose their jobs (KOIN)


Florida man arrested in California for driving around with 33 pounds of pot (Big Bear Grizzly)

STUDY: Legalization not associated with increased rates of psychosis (Journal of the American Medical Association)

STUDY: No differences in vital signs or anesthetic requirements between the THC+ and THC- (Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
Previously mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 217: It’s a Tool’s Jay

US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upheld lawsuit dismissal filed by hemp farmer

Previously mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 194: The Secret Stars

Standing Akimbo dispensary denied over IRS summons challenge (TaxNotes)

USDA releases first weekly National Hemp Report

FDA announces it will not issue regulations to allow CBD as a dietary supplement or food additive
Previously mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 216: It’s Probably Pocket
— WCIA News clip (YouTube) 

DEA Mexico chief ousted over ties to drug lawyers (Associated Press)

January 25, 2023 Press Briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre (The White House / YouTube)

Newt Gingrich correlates legal weed with mass shootings (Washington Post LIVE / Twitter)

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy says fentanyl is “not your grandparents’ marijuana” during State of State (KTOO TV / YouTube)

California Department of Cannabis Control asks state attorney to issue opinion certifying interstate commerce can go into effect (POLITICO)

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly calls on lawmakers to legalize medical pot during State of State (Smoky Hills PBS / YouTube)

First medical dispensary opened in Mississippi (WAPT / ABC)

Missouri Rep. Adrian Plank introduces bill to remove license cap (MO Greenway)

Rhode Island Supreme Court chief justice issued an executive order on how officials will expunge prior convictions 


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us Overkill’s The Surgeon.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever soldered something.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever hosted dinner.


33 elk have been fatally struck on local roads since January 1 (Idaho State Journal)

Kansas City couple buys Goonies house (KC Mag)

Fully clothed bathing burglar found in Seattle bathroom (AP)

Australia mining company sorry for losing radioactive device (AP)

Police: 29-year-old posed as teen to enroll in high school (AP)

Illinois police hunt for man charged with stealing funeral home van with body still inside (Fox)

Delivery man stops college basketball game after walking on court to find customer (Fox)

Teenager playing hide-and-seek found days later inside shipping container in another country (Fox)

Missouri farmer traps ‘crazy-looking cat’ that turns out to be wild African serval (Fox)

London worker dead after being crushed by urinal

School worker accused of stealing 11,000 cases of chicken wings in $1.5M embezzlement scheme (Inside Edition)

See you for Bowls With Buds Friday at 12:00 PM CST with Kris Vox!

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