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Intro/Outro: <ESCP> Cyber Crime Story

Sherburne SUP Coalition Hidden in Plain Sight Exhibit shared by Boo-Bury

The MarketSurfer referred to: VIDEO


Alby / BoostCLI / WireGuard

Ring of Fire #12: 6 million sats

KC Bitcoiners: Bitcoin and Coffee this Friday at 7:30 a.m. 


Serial Metro Detroit airbag thieves caught in the act; 33 stolen parts found, Dearborn police say

33 catalytic converters stolen from Palm Tran Connect buses

4 killed, 33 wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend


33 new cases: Arunachal (India)


Dennis Rodman going to Russia to visit Brittney Griner
(VIDEO) Senior Biden administration official Ned Price disapproving of Rodman’s visit

Dennis Rodman reverses course, says he’s not going to Russia to seek Brittney Griner’s release

Colombia proposes decriminalizing coke and marijuana

Mars Candy Co wins lawsuit against Skittles edible copycat

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoes safe consumption site bill

Kind Idaho files proposed medical initiative for 2024 ballot

Illinois regulators issue final lottery-selected first-round conditional pot dispensary license

Former prosecutor gets 2 years of probation for role in western Maine marijuana operation

Federal appellate court rules Maine’s law prohibiting non-residents from owning medical weed businesses unconstitutional

Missouri regulators asking for public comment on how New Approach recreational law should be implemented if it passes in November

Lawsuit filed in Missouri against New Approach’s ballot initiative
Missouri Independent story about contacting the Secretary of State to verify signatures

Nebraska fails to turn in enough valid signatures

New Jersey judge says drug recognition experts can be admitted as evidence in workplace impairment cases

Jersey City, NJ City Council president regrets having voted to approve medical dispensary owned by her daughter when she should have abstained due to conflict of interest

Police in NYC seize World Weed trucks allegedly being used to sell cannabis were hit operators with 6 criminal court summonses and 5 parking tickets despite paying off $200k worth of their debt
previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 170: Jobless in the Bowl 
Mayor Adams’ transcript

Voters in at least 7 Ohio cities will see decriminalization on the ballot

Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws get signatures verified, may miss ballot

Oregon regulators find banned ingredient, soybean oil, in two vaping products


N4VX fills in for the Rev with Avatar’s Bloody Angel!


This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever regretted something.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever reconnected with a lost passion.



China’s futuristic air train leviates [sic] through the air 33 ft above the ground!

Tennessee couple breaks into church to play piano on first date

Eight-year-old finds fossilized shark tooth in South Carolina

Recently discovered ‘sea bugs’ can grow up to 1.5 feet, eat entire alligator corpse

Georgia man accidentally shoots himself and three other people with a single bullet at Walmart

Elderly woman drives her SUV into second floor of South Shore Plaza mall in Braintree, MA

Phoenixville, PA man on vacation finds rare purple pearl in his order of clams

Human umbilical cords found in luggage at New Orleans airport

Tennessee woman charged with inmate’s murder after alleged meth-laced kiss

Greater Vancouver Zoo closes after wolves escape last Tuesday

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