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Hackers steal $6 million from blockchain music platform Audius

How Not to Critique Bitcoin by Conner Brown


Spotsylvania (VA) deputy shot man armed with 33-inch sword
Idaho Lottery celebrates 33 years of games

33-year-old man bit by shark on Daytona beach


US monkeypox cases jump 33% in 3 days — but risk is low for most travelers, health experts say

33 new cases: Maine

33 deaths: Los Angeles County

Coof cases rise by 33% (Malaysia)

Coof infections rose by 33% in past week, Health authorities say (Philippines)

Heartbroken family waits for answers after Sydney man, 33, found dead after being treated for tooth infection


Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and John Cornyn (R-TX) introduce resolution calling on the Russian government to release Brittney Griner and urging US government to press for her release
Schumer’s Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act filed Thursday
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism holds hearing on federal pot reform today titled: “Decriminalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level: Necessary Steps to Address Past Harms

STUDY: Regular use of cannabis in female athletes is associated with a reduction in early anaerobic power production

In cannabis records fight, DOJ pays law firm Davis Wright $150K in fees

National Institute on Drug Abuse announces plans to award a contract to a second supplier of research-grade pot

National Institute of Standards and Technology is creating a pot section
DEA sued again over after refusing psilocybin therapy under “Right to Try” laws
DEA cancels proposed ban of 5 psychedelic tryptamines after facing pushback from scientists researching therapeutic potential

Biden’s “Safer America Plan”

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a bill banning most workplaces from firing or punishing employees for pot use

Colorado regulators issue notification about corydalis as ingredient in pot products

Illinois issues 149 dispensary licenses to social equity applicants

Plaintiffs drop lawsuit accusing Verano, Green Thumb Industries, Surterra Holdings and Akerna of colluding to monopolize the Illinois market

Minnesota Department of Health says gummies and chews for medical patients will be available August 1

Some Minnesota cities implement temporary bans on THC products

St. Louis City Council member failed to disclose she worked for law firm representing clients seeking medical licenses as the body worked on pot laws

“Beaver County (PA) man charged after allegedly growing marijuana at home with his children inside”

Rhode Island awards trace and track contract to Metrc

Vermont issuing waivers to the prohibition of plastic packaging for pot products

Wyoming needs 41,000 signatures by January to put decriminalization on the ballot


Tonight, the Rev Cyber Trucker brings us Megadeth’s Night Stalkers Chapter 2.

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Tonight, bowlers called in about the first time they ever fucked around with a Ouija board.

Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever went to a flea market.


Chicken hitches ride to Vermont’s largest city

33-year-old man from Andhra Pradesh had 6 wives, none knew about each other

Polish institute classifies cats as an “invasive alien species”

Jumping humpback lands on boat in Plymouth (MA); no one hurt

Florida Man, meet Florida Sheriff

Newport (RI) Folk Festival features small stage powered by festival-goers on stationary bicycles

Chess-playing robot breaks child’s finger at Moscow event

Man’s hand severed by sword at Hawaii 7-Eleven store

Japanese city searching for wild monkeys after nearly 40 people attacked

Albino alligator hatches at Florida reptile park

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