Bowl After Bowl Episode 157 Executive Producers: KS, SirVo, Carolyn Blaney, SeeDubs, Rev CyberTrucker, Boolysteed, NetNed, Oma


Come to the Bitcoin Meetup this Thursday night at the Granfalloon on the Plaza in Kansas City

Amboss’ Magma and docs

Behind the Sch3m3s made history getting LIT on Podverse


Ukraine allegedly welcomes back 33 soldiers and 12 civilians in prisoner exchange with Russia

33 people displaced by 5-story apartment fire in Worcester (MA)
Louisiana woman convicted of stealing from government sentenced to 33 months


33 hospitalizations in New Mexico

33-year-old male COVID-19-related patient died of sudden cardiac arrest in Shanghai
CDC tracked millions of phones to see if Americans followed lockdown orders


CDC lists marijuana use disorder/cannabis use disorder as the disease of the week

Consumer Brands Association wrote a letter to Congress to amend language in the SHOP SAFE Act to address the dangers of copycat edibles

Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation Webinar
Biden commutes 75 sentences of inmates previously released to home confinement during lockdown
Attorney General Merrick Garland said prosecuting weed possession is an inefficient use of resources
Firebrand with Matt Gaetz Episode 40: Burned By Biden

Recreational legalization associated with lower prescription drug utilization

Former House Speaker John Boehner is being sued for allegedly stealing legalization strategies from a lobbyist group to form his own

The Attorney General Alliance recognized the completion of a financial service certification program at their Cannabis Project Conference

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit claiming Mendocino County, CA police and prosecutors conspired to extort cash and weed from farmers

California to regulate CBD

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has a bill to legalize MDMA scripts — when it gets FDA approval — sitting on his desk

Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission is being sued by a medical company for conflicts of interest
Indiana Appeals Court rules grinders are not drug paraphernalia
In Kansas, Shawnee County Drug Enforcement Task Force raided shops selling Delta 8, and Delta 10 products
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear issued a line-item veto to parts of the medical research bill mentioned last week
Maine Governor Janet Mills allowed three weed bills to be enacted without her signature
New Maine law strips Office of Marijuana Policy of the ability to independently craft new rules governing just the medical market
Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission chair Steve Hoffman resigns
Missouri Cannabis Freedom Act vote stalls
New York court rules $600 million lawsuit against Acreage Holdings can proceed
— discussed on Episode 131: The Energy Ball
Ocean County, New Jersey Board of Commissioners votes to prohibit cops from using weed off duty
Ohio’s Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol filed a lawsuit
Rhode Island regulators award final dispensary license to Pawtucket business
Vermont Cannabis Board announces it will not begin issuing cannabiz licenses on May 1st as Act 164 stipulated
West Virginia Supreme Court rules coal miner’s suspension was justified after CBD caused a positive drug test


Tonight The Rev CyberTrucker gifts us with a tune from his brother’s band, Tremor Cats – Robotomy


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever signed a lease. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever did whippets.


UCF student reported to administration bias response team for saying boomer
Americans bring ‘souvenir’ artillery shell to Israel airport

Arkansas sues Family Dollar over rodents found in facility
Illinois home listing features Michael Myers — the scary Halloween one

Maine woman drives SUV through police pedestrian plaza down a flight of stairs, claims she was “following GPS”

Las Vegas driver stopped for fake license plate, using Cracker Jack stickers as registrations

Suspected wolf pack in Colorado turns out to be escaped St. Bernards

Creepy dolls keep washing ashore on a 40-mile stretch of Texas beach
World’s largest bottle of whisky is set to be auctioned in Scotland on May 25

Texas school district’s upcoming graduation features 35 pairs of twins, one set of triplets

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