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Able and the Wolf

Bad news for Wasabi wallet


Australia sanctions 33 more Russian oligarchs

Wisbech cyclist caught with 33 bags of weed and EUD 500 in cash

Brief 911 outage affects 33 call centers in Tarrant County (TX) last Tuesday


33 new cases: Nigeria, Mahoning Valley (OH)

33% of Malaysian children receive first dose

Texas woman had heart attack at 33


US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit declined Standing Akimbo’s request for the full review of their case regarding the Internal Revenue Service and Section 280E

US Department of Transportation proposed drug testing rules changes allowing saliva as an alternative to urine screening

Department of Veterans Affairs is launching a new grants program on suicide prevention that specifically excludes marijuana

Biden talked to Colombian President Marquez about reducing illicit supply

Yesterday, Biden signed Senate Bill 854, the Methamphetamine Response Act of 2021

Federal prosecutors charged a “Russian oligarch” with making illegal campaign contributions as part of an alleged scheme to to get candidates to help him obtain retail marijuana licenses

WNBA Star Brittney Griner Mugshot shown during Russian TV broadcast on March 5

Alabama legalizes fentanyl test strips to prevent overdoses
Denver officials announce the Marijuana Management Symposium of 2022 is cancelled due to Covid

Gwinnett County, GA’s district attorney facing lawsuit for raids against businesses selling delta-8 THC products
Illinois judge orders state to process four applications in supercase
Illinois regulators prohibit cannabis businesses from producing delta-8 and delta-9 THC out of hemp

Maryland law clerk cleared to write medical pot protections article for law journal

Defense: FBI Knew Whitmer Kidnap Suspects were ‘Stoned’ Crazy talkers

St. Louis County ends pre-screening and random drug tests to protect medical patients

NJWeedman doesn’t have standing to challenge constitutionality of state’s voter-approved legislation

Oregon Governor signs bill allowing Dept of Agriculture to refuse hemp grower licenses according to supply and demand

Pennsylvania company becomes first in the US to grow weed legally for medical research
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) claims a Montgomery County sheriff told him about seizures of fentanyl-laced marijuana

Kristi Noem signed a handful of cannabis-related bills including one limiting patients to 2 flowering, 2 non-flowering homegrown plants

Virginia lawmakers sent governor bill to ban delta-8 THC

Canadian Supreme Court to examine constitutionality of Quebec’s homegrow ban


Kenny and The Rev bring us Ireland’s GAMA BOMB – Ninja Untouchables. Be sure to vote in The Rev’s poll to decide the fate of the next Metal Moment!


Bowlers called in to share the First Time They Ever saw their partner naked. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever found a sex toy.


UPDATE: North Carolina DMV orders woman to remove F.A.R.T license plate
Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails

Border Patrol finds 52 lizards and snakes hidden in man’s clothing

US Customs and Border Protection officers collaborating with US Fish and Wildlife Service seized 6 air cargo shipments containing 9 plastic jars of prohibited leeches

World’s longest stretch limo seats 75

Man called 911 to have meth tested for bath salts

Eight year old’s birthday present turned out to be pounds of weed
Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance located off the coast of Antarctica

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