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Signs of New Growth


Russia allegedly bombed 33 civilian sites in Ukraine

Russian stocks end main trading session down 33%

The Dirty 33: meet the Russian cronies sanctioned by Australia


33 hospitalizations: Cumberland County (PA), Guam

33 new cases: Nigeria, Tippecanoe County (IN)

Cases down to 33 in Phillippines
Vaccinated 33-year-old becomes 321st death (Guam)

33-year-old FDNY firefighter dies of heart attack day after battling two-alarm fire

33-year-old Peloton instructor suffers stroke


Supreme Court asks Solicitor General to weigh in on two consolidated Minnesota workers comp cases

Denver-based Standing Akimbo is asking the full 10th Circuit of Appeals to hear its case after being rejected by a three-judge panel
— case first discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 90: Jimmy Gemini’s

Illinois supercase holding up 185 dispensary licenses gets March 25 settlement planning conference

Weed prices plummet in Michigan

Medical flower sales start in Minnesota today

Missouri Rep. Ron Hicks files Cannabis Freedom Act bill

Shamed Dogan Joint Resolution to put recreational constitutional amendment on ballot

NJWeedman Edward Forchion presented his oral arguments in federal lawsuit vs. Governor Phil Murphy

New Mexico Supreme Court rules medical cannabis purchase are not subject to state’s gross receipts tax
— first discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode Episode 133: In The Bulb

NY Governor Kathy Hochul signs bill giving two-year temporary licenses to growers
MedMen withdraws statement about Hochul using political pressure to approve Ascend Wellness acquisition
— also now selling their Florida assets to Green Sentry Holdings LLC

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics raided 12 licensed medical marijuana grows

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reaches agreement in lawsuit blocking them from implementing seed-to-sale tracking

Portland-based Cura Cannabis to pay $200 to people who bought vapes improperly labeled 100% marijuana ((Click this link to file your claim by April 29)) 
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wouldn’t rule out vetoing recreational legalization at media conference

South Dakota Senate-passed legalization bill dies in House State Affairs Committee


This week The RevCyberTrucker takes us to Japan with MAXIMUM THE HORMONE’s Koi No Mega Lover.

Vote in The Rev’s poll to decide where in the world the Metal Moment will end up next week!


Bowlers called in to share stories about the first time they ever took their pants off in public. Next Tuesday, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever met a goat.


Man, 33, dies after being punched at family party

California man survives frigid five-hour night swim guided by friendly seal

Alaska man saved after clinging to ice chunk in Cook Inlet

Cow carried away by floodwaters in Australia was found wandering a beach after floating downriver

Wreckage from 1800s ship washes up on North Carolina beach

Tick survives 27 years in researcher’s lab, 8 years without food

New, personalized spinal cord implant allows paralyzed people to walk in just one day

San Diego border patrol seizes $3 million worth of meth hidden in onion shipment

Minnesota mom pays son $1,800 to stay off social media for six years

Virginia sheriff’s office thanks goat named Gracie for assistance chasing suspect


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