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AbleKirby’s BoostBait

Five of the six locked in to the 500,000 sat ring of fire. If you want in, email 1 million sat ring of fire coming next!


33 arrested on sex charges during Operation ‘Dirty Santa’ in Florida Panhandle

Former Dubuque (IA) post office clerk sentenced to 33 months in federal prison for stealing nearly $650,000 in checks from the mail

33-year-old man shot at the Tonawanda (NY) Bowling Center


NC school reports 33 cases

New variant detected in 33 states

New variant cases in India rise to 33

Pfizer shot just 33% effective against new variant


US Supreme Court asked to settle states’ conflict on medical marijuana insurance reimbursements
— case mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 109: No Chase After People
Former DEA agent sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for money laundering and fraud scheme
White House releases model law to help states ensure access to “safe, effective, cost-saving” syringe services program

Unsubstantiated health claims for COVID-19 infections are led by cannabidiol
Cannabis use could cause harmful drug interactions (Klaatu) 

A federal judge rejected Solar Therapeutics’ CEO’s motion to be dismissed from Sacha Baron Cohen’s lawsuit filed against the company for allegedly using Borat on a billboard without permission
— lawsuit originally mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 93: Fairy in the Nude

Michigan House Resolution 0158 urges Congress to clarify its position on the legality of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970

St. Louis mayor signed decriminalization bill into law

Montana Department of Revenue’s proposed rules were approved by lawmakers yesterday

Malta became the first EU country to legalize the cultivation and personal use of cannabis today


The Rev CyberTrucker is back with another Merry Metal Moment. This week, bowlers got to hear Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Our Last Night x Cole Rolland.


This week, bowlers called in to share their stories about the first time they ever saw a boostagram. Next week, we want to hear from you about the first time YOU ever experienced a deja vu.


MariMed Inc. celebrated National Brownie Day last Wednesday with what it believes is the largest pot brownie ever

TOOL’s drummer Danny Carey got arrested at KCI

Misspelling on I-95 exit sign in Delaware gets covered up

Accidental shooting leads NH police to home with 72 cats

University of Pennsylvania papers graded by Elon Musk fetch $7,753 at auction

6 years and counting: ex-treasure hunter still stuck in jail

ND Paper (ME) is asking residents to drop off cardboard to turn into packaging because of the rising cost of the raw materials it typically uses

University of Central Missouri mule parade set a Guinness World Record

Dash for Cash fundraiser at junior hockey league game in South Dakota featured 10 local teachers on their hands and knees grabbing for dollar bills to fund school projects

Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty contest over Botox

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