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Sir Bemrose of Angry Tech News is locked and noded!

The deets for Ring of Fire #3 will be dropping as soon as Sir Spencer completes his coding classes.


DOJ says Alabama has yet to fix its prisons where 33 inmates have died in the last 3 years

Long Island woman revived 33 times after heart attack, looks forward to wedding

Prosecutors drop 33 more cases over evidence stolen from State Patrol

Man fraudulently claimed dead parents’ pensions for 33 years, court told – just as we told the bowlers on Bowl After Bowl Episode 102: Absolutely Nothing Know.


33 new deaths: Montana, Oklahoma

33 new cases: Sault Sainte Marie (Michigan), Lane County (Oregon), Durham (UK), 

33 boarding school students test positive (Bengaluru, India)

Missouri judge says health department COVID-19 orders like business closures are unconstitutional

Missouri judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is offering workplace advice to mitigate the risk of impaired driving

Courts in Pima County, Arizona are not honoring the expungement clause laid out in Prop 207

Surveillance video shows San Francisco PD sitting in their car, watching as suspects drive off after looting dispensary on Tuesday, November 16

Weed business owners in Oakland rallied at City Hall to demand tax amnesty after they were robbed the week of November 15

Illinois judge rules smell of weed is not probable cause to search vehicles

St. Louis, Missouri Board of Aldermen passes decriminalization bill and are waiting for the mayor to sign it

The Pueblo of Picuris Indian tribe (New Mexico) is accusing the federal government of a discriminatory double standard after a medical patient’s garden on tribal land was raided

South Dakota’s Supreme Court upheld a lower judge’s ruling that the voter-approved recreational legalization measure is invalid

Montgomery County, Texas’ district attorney is asking the attorney general to issue an opinion saying that possessing or selling delta-8 THC products is a crime

The Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs or the Taliban announced last Tokin’ Tuesday it contracted with a company called Cpharm to set up a hashish-processing company, but the Australian firm says it has no idea what they are talking about


The Rev. Cyber Trucker kicks off the most wonderful time of the year with Twisted Sister’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Help him decide which Christmas cover to play next week by voting in the official weekly Metal Moment poll!


This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever quit a job like a boss. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever blacked out and forgot about blacking out.


LA Firefighter accused of wiping butt with vaccine mandate

Missouri dig site is home to at least 4 rare dinosaurs, and there could be more
Twilight Zone longnose lancetfish washes ashore in SoCal
A Pacific footballfish washed upon the shores in San Diego
$1K offered for President Warren Harding’s stolen dog collar
Man’s obit urges betting a bunch on the Huskers

Dozens stuck in England’s highest pub after storm
Library book returned after 111 years in Idaho
Man builds Taj Mahal replica home for wife
Missouri couple wins $3 million lottery jackpot after previously winning $250,000

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