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Publix donates 33 million pounds of produce to Feeding American food banks

33% of Denver’s population is facing food insecurity

After 33 years, parents of brain-damaged kids get to express disgust with Florida program


A Michigan meteorologist of 33 years was fired for not getting a COVID shot, and you can read his Facebag statement here

US reopens air travel from 33 countries, but Canadian border remains closed

Alabama’s COVID hospitalizations drop by 33% in 3 weeks

In first post-Ida data release, NOLA Public Schools report 33 COVID-19 cases

At least 33 Kentucky K-12 school employees have reportedly died of COVID since 2020

Catholic student COVID-19 cases up 33% in one day (Ontario)

Missouri Attorney General Schmitt to sue 50 schools over masking guidelines

33 new cases Durham (Ontario), Delhi, Middlesex-London, Tuolumne County (CA), McDowell (WV), Montana prisons

33 new deaths Arkansas


Chicago City Council voted 33-13 to lift the cap of seven cannabis zones in the city with a limit on the number of dispensaries allowed in each and to narrow the downtown “exclusion zone” where dispensaries can’t open

Medical cultivators in Ohio can request permission to expand their grow space to meet demand
— state plans to double number of dispensaries
Ohio regulators also approved drive-through windows for medical dispensaries

Decriminalize California is cleared to begin collecting signatures to put psilocybin legalization on the 2022 ballot
A lawsuit was filed last week by a CA retail chain alleging criminals have been legally buying an unknown number of cannabis distribution licenses by using front men to disguise their true identities and intentions 

  Yesterday was 9/20 Magic Mushroom (Mon)Day and a day prior, the inaugural  Entheofest took place at the University of Michigan

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws is gathering volunteers to collect signatures on any of the four proposed legalization initiatives filed in case the Supreme Court overturns 2020’s voter-approved recreational measure
Meanwhile, regulators are considering how to amend medical rules that were rejected by lawmakers as the South Dakota Department of Health can amend proposals and submit them a second time to the legislative panel without holding a second public hearing. The secretary of health has not said what her department will do.

In less than a week, Wyoming activists met one required county signature collection threshold for their medical marijuana and decriminalization intiatives.  15 counties to go! 

Virginia started selling nugs this week

Virginia judge jails alleged domestic violence victim for smoking pot on day of court testimony

Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that hemp-derived cannabinoids in liquid (but not leafy) form are illegal

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission didn’t start accepting applications for business licenses this past weekend, missing their first deadline of September 18

More than 90% of Maine towns and cities don’t allow recreational marijuana stores

The Nebraska Cannabis Association launched in anticipation of eventual legalization in the state to act as cannabiz lobbyists

A federal judge acquitted former Fall River mayor Jasiel Correia II on eight of the wire and tax fraud counts related to misused funds intended for his tech startup and sentenced him to 6 years for extorting marijuana businesses

Connecticut patients can begin growing pot on October 1

White House releases list of 22  major drug transit or illicit drug producing countries


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Monkeys are moving into a North St. Louis County neighborhood  

A wild game meat processor finds artifacts in alligator stomachs
Snake knocks out power for entire North Carolina town of Denton

Three-volume 1818 first edition print of Frankenstein sold for $1.17 million

Michigan lawmaker in jail for drunk driving is accused of taping a handcuff key to his foot

White catfish caught in CT may be a world record weighing 21.3 pounds and measuring more than 3 feet long

Michigan Department of Natural Resources says between 250 and 500 Lake Orion fish died of herpes, but there is no risk to the public

New Zealand cops bust men trying to sneak into locked-down city with a trunk full of KFC

A man facing a slew of charges threw a baby from a balcony but police caught it and the baby sustained no injuries

While touring a historic building in Oklahoma, a stairwell collapsed and Reba McEntire was one of the people rescued by the fire department

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