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Not a single woman was included on the Taliban’s new 33-man Afghanistan government

Sharpshooter Marine, 33, shot couple, their 3-month-old baby and grandmother dead

33 arrested in Australia after a 4-month drug sting


33 deaths: Polynesia , Mississippi

33 cases: Oklahoma,Yates County (NY), Juneau (AK), New Zealand

33 legislators ask Governor McKee (RI) to amend vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

33-year-old Georgia man who died of COVID made final plea for friends to get the shot

India surpasses 33 million coof cases

Missouri Attorney General Schmitt says Kansas City kids in school can ignore the mask mandates thanks to his lawsuits


Colorado voters will be deciding whether or not to increase recreatinal sales taxes by 5% over the next three years to fund out-of-school services like tutoring and mental health programs for students

Illinois judge left in place order blocking regulators from issuing cannabusiness licenses to recent lottery winners

Michigan released new marijuana industry rules

Merrill Lynch relaxing its approach to taking on new clients with marijuana-related business assets

South Dakota legislature’s Medical Marijuana Subcommittee voted to override the wishes of the voters once again by recommending a ban on home cultivation for medical patients.

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court rejects lawsuit seeking to force DEA to reschedule weed

Washington state is ending its contract with seed-to-sale traceability provider in favor of a simplified in-house system

DEA proposed increase in amount of marijuana and psilocybin that can be legally produced for research which the FDA needs in order to approve new drug products

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy wants to simplify the registration process for scientists to access Schedule I drugs by using the Schedule II process


Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever found money. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever drank on a boat (a float counts.)


Attic antiques may be worth more than double this house

33-year-old UK man spends $275 every month on dirty socks

Irish man claimed his dead parents’ pensions for 33 years before getting caught

14-year-old spent summer making prosthetic hand for his friend using a 3D printer

Canton. MA man reels in invasive Asian species of fish

Puppy gets surgery to correct its upward-facing paws

Two-headed snake in Missouri turns 16

Duck mimics owner’s speech in Australia

Montana sheep drive happened for the 33rd straight year

Dragon House estate for sale in Minnesota

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