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Sell trade secrets to China, get 33 months. Carry an unloaded gun as a felon, get 33 months as well. At least 300,000 people in 33 states are losing unemployment benefits earlier than expected. Spoiler alert: double dipping doesn’t work.

More than 33 million Britons received their first jab and the UK reported 33 coof deaths, just like Florida and Michigan. Movie theaters in New York will be able to increase their capacity to 33% next week. $33 million was awarded to fund projects to “safely” return children to school. And finally, a 33-year-old Pennsylvania mother was hospitalized with paralysis just 12 hours after receiving a Pfizer shot. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System shows 88 paralysis reports related to Pfizer. In the bowl, Sir CMike suggested using OpenVAERS.

Per quirkess’ request, the 420 origin story is discussed along with some early references and strange occurrences that occurred on this day throughout history. This 4/20 didn’t go off without a hitch. Golden Gate Park was fenced up, barred off, and heavily guarded against any stoners hoping to toke there — for the second year in a row! And at 10 a.m. on this historically large sales day, a point-of-sales system used by over 1,000 dispensaries in Colorado along with 13 other states crashed, causing transactions to take almost an hour.

The Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week for a legal challenge brought on by Madison city officials wanting to nullify the voter-approved medical weed market. Their argument? The state went from five to four congressional districts in 2000, but since lawmakers failed to update petitioner guidelines the initiative vote was invalid. It’s worth noting Measure 65 passed with 73% of the vote.

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana signed legislation providing an affirmative defense for motorists who test positive for THC or THC metabolites in their blood or urine if they were not responsible for an accident or show no signs of intoxication — a baby step in the right direction. In Idaho, Governor Brad Little signed legislation making it more difficult for initiatives or referendums to reach the ballot by requiring signatures from 6% of all 35 districts instead of 18 districts in the same timeframe — 18 months.

Maybe this is balanced out by the bill that died in Idaho’s legislature, which would have prohibited the legalization of ANY psychoactive substance that isn’t FDA-approved. Lawmakers in Florida also killed the bill proposing a THC cap. On the federal level, the US House passed the SAFE Banking Act, putting it into the Senate’s court and the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act has been reintroduced. And finally, the US Environmental Protection Agency awarded a $100,000 grant to a hemp-brick-making company in Washington, the largest fed-given fund to industrial hemp research to date.

We enjoy our first Metal Moment from The Rev. Cyber Trucker. Sending rental karma his way!

Jumping worms are in Missouri now. You can find the referenced news clip here. A California went without a front door for days after calling the police on the robo-vacuum, which she thought was an intruder. If you’re looking for a house, you might be sad to find the sellers of this Albuquerque spaceship-themed home already accepted an offer. But you’ll be happy to find out this North Carolina couple survived a rabid bobcat attack and this Colorado five-year-old might be a bobcat whisperer. If your dog needs a job, Annheuser-Busch is hiring. But you might not want to work for this dad, who expects his babysitter to replace a $2,000 guitar broken by the three-year-old. A newborn gets uninvited from a wedding and a dating app user was shocked — shocked! — to find he showed up to a date with 16 other bachelors.

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You can find Spencer’s conversation with Mike Hagan at Radio Orbit last Monday night 4/12/2021 below:

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and there are articles fear mongering co-sleeping coming out in states across the country including here in Kansas City. It has been a PSA worked into local news coverage on TV for two weeks straight. But of course, there are studies that show the benefits of doing the natural mammalian thing and sleeping with your newborn to balance out all the horror stories. And in those traumatic instances, almost no details are given as to what actually happened. A parent taking sleeping pills? Baby left on a couch? Blankets involved in the suffocation? A performance expert also suggests the best way to prepare your children for the future is with early specialization. Make them a master of their craft rather than a jack of all trades. 

The Kansas City Mayor struck a deal with the KC Homeless Union, moving most of the campers into hotels, helping folks with very low or no income get a vacant land bank home, providing city work to those “experiencing homelessness,” and setting up permanent camp locations with social services. But not all the unhoused are happy with these negotiations. Kind of like how most residents won’t be happy with the Parks Board voting to change three street names to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard after they tried to pull it in 2018. And to top it all of, Missouri could give up its title as the only state without a prescription drug monitoring program as a bill setting one up just passed the Senate

In the Top Three 33 segment, 33 people were arrested in Operation Bad Boi which targeted heroin, meth, and fentanyl in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Washington lawmakers are considering 33 new transportation fees and taxes under an update last week for the Forward Washington plan and 2021 brought Minnesota 33 speed-related road deaths.

Of course, the magic number loves hot topics so there was no shortage of coof stories where it popped up:

Pennsylvania vaccinates 33% of those eligible for COVID-1984 Vaccine

33 states now offer the vax to all adults

California braces for a 33% drop in vaccine supply as more than 16 million become eligible to get jabbed on April 15

Maryland will see a 33% reduction in COVID vaccine allotment next week

There were 33 Kung-Flu deaths in Oregon and Cambodia

33% COVID patients get neuropsychiatric diagnoses within 6 months

Oh, and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean researchers at the Pentagon haven’t already developed a microchip to detect when you’re potentially infected with the China Virus.

California could decriminalize psychedelics except for peyote because that belongs to Native Americans in an incredibly limited federal capacity.

On April 28th, the voter-approved recreational amendment will finally have its day in the South Dakota Supreme Court after being declared unconstitutional by a district judge in February. Virginians will also be able to cultivate, possess and use weed legally this summer, although they’ll still have to wait until 2024 for the commercial market to roll out.

A recreational bill in Delaware had its first committee meeting and patients are now boycotting 4 of the 6 licensed medical facilities for peddling false narrative and offering negative testimony since the bill doesn’t grandfather them in to a recreational license. That scarce mentality carried over to Alabama where lawmakers are working to ban Delta-8-THC and Delta-10-THC.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts cannabiz regulators are excited to create a statewide product catalog to help cops and parents identify things they find. But the Bay State is also home to a lawsuit over impact fees which are part of the state law’s “host community agreements” allowing towns and cities to take up to 3% of cannabusinesses’ annual income as long as they justify why the fees are being imposed.

Cannabis licensing came to a halt in Detroit due to Crystal Lowe’s lawsuit in which her attorney argues the “Detroit Legacy” requirements violate equal-protection provisions of the Michigan Constitution and the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. This lawsuit was originally mentioned in Bowl After Bowl Episode 69 ★ Some Holy Somebody.

Also, what happens when you get Charles Koch, Weldon Angelos, and Snoop Dogg on a Zoom call? The creation of the third national marijuana reform group of 2021, the Cannabis Freedom Alliance.

Fuck it, dude. You know we went bowling! In our Gutters and Strikes segments, more than 5,000 people attended an illegal party at the Tonto National Forest in Arizona which led to seven vehicle accidents, off-highway vehicle theft, a quad collision and someone getting medevac’d out by helicopter. If they had kept it under 75, there would have been no trouble. A giant lizard swept up the supermarket with its tail, a 10-foot alligator fell asleep under a parked car, and a tortoise named Madmartigan is on the loose in Wichita. A 33-year-old woman was arrested after refusing to return $1.2 million accidentally deposited into her brokerage account by Charles Schwab. Bowlers in Houston can get their contactless Domino’s pizza delivered by the R2 robot by Nuro, an autonomous vehicle that dispenses your food by putting a PIN into its touchscreen. An Illinois couple discovered a tunnel built in 1840 under their house and big congratulations to The Ginger Assassin, Anthony Neuer, who became the first competitor to clear a 7-10 split on TV in 30 years!

The bowlers talk about the first time they ever went to a dance and in celebration of 4/20, next week’s FTIE will be the first time I ever smoked pot. Leaving a voicemail or sending a text message with your story is a great way to contribute some value back to the bowl! (816) 607-3663

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533 Million Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers, Personal Data Leaked Online

Nebraska man stole $33,241 over four days in debit card scheme

Pacific Gas & Electric facing 33 charges for CA 2019 wildfires

SirSpencer updates the bowlers on what he’s learned using Podcasting 2.0 and suggests everyone think of crypto like learning to drive a car.  You can read all you want and consult a hundred mechanics, but until you sit in the driver’s speed and take it for a spin you won’t know a damned thing.  And if you want someone sitting in the passenger seat to guide you around the block, just reach out:

The Kansas City Mayor has been sitting down with the leader of the homeless encampments, now known as the KC Homeless Union who released a Google Doc list of demands.  This comes after reports of the encampments being public health hazards and the city planning to remove them. Guess not!

Pennsylvania has vaccinated 33% of those eligible for the jab while a Baltimore manufacturing facility mixed up ingredients between 15 million J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines.  But the good news is Missouri won’t be mandating a vaccine passport.

Missouri medical marijuana sales are nearing $25 million although the program is still in its infancy, and Illinois broke its monthly record making $109 million in recreational sales. Cuomo signed recreational legalization into effect the day after the last bowl and New Mexico also passed recreational legalization measures in their special session. Applications are open for licenses in Detroit, but there have been no updates on the “Detroit Legacy” criteria lawsuit. Rand Paul refiled his HEMP Act and Ron DeSantis came out saying he does not support the proposed THC cap


Lincoln man drives buddy to hospital in bucket of front-end loader, blows a .184 BAC

Emmy-winning set designer-turned-hoarder, missing 8 months, found dead inside Queens home under pile of debris 

Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ sells for record price of $660,000

Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo bans walking on escalators

Louisiana tourist walked past the Disney World temperature check tent and was arrested for trespassing

Screeching luxury high-rise condo in Brooklyn drives neighbors crazy

Off-duty firefighter saves man and the 15,000 bees swarming his car

Supreme Court erases ruling against Trump’s Twitter account

A couple found speakers hidden throughout their neighborhood making nature sounds

Man digs up concrete box in his backyard…that was his septic tank

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SirSpencer tooted about dumping a mouse nest out on himself in our garage, but that doesn’t compare to the nightmare fuel that is the mice plague of Australia…or what it would be like to walk into some of the decrepit houses the Kansas City Land Bank is hanging onto, hoping to sell for $1 to non-profits or religious organizations to use as shelters. Birthing alone at home may sound like nightmare fuel to some, but women in the UK don’t have much choice at this point unless they want to go to the hospital to birth alone since the midwives had their insurance pulled. 

NYPD says there have been 33 hate crimes with Asian victims this year. Then a 33-year-old video of Obama giving his grandmother in Kenya a dress surfaced. And the third Top Three 33 story of the evening involved a 33-year-old San Diego man choking to death on a face mask in jail.  

Pennsylvania and Illinois reported 33 COVID deaths this week and Wyoming tacked on an additional 33 cases TODAY. 33 migrant girls in San Diego tested positive for the coof while eight kids in Alaska came down with MIS-C, which has killed 33 Americans so far. A 33-year-old survived a double lung transplant after spending six months on a ventilator while another 33-year-old had his leg amputated from the hip down due to “complications” while hospitalized with COVID. 

New York could see recreational legalization sales as early as 2022 if their finalized bill passes a vote this week.  New Jersey fixed its illegally-functioning cannabis board by replacing an existing member with one who came from an organization with a mission of studying, advocating, or adjudicating against historical oppression of minorities — as written in their law. A Detroit club made headlines by barring customers who smell like weed, while Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1862 into law prohibiting employers from discharging, disciplining, or discriminating against employees for their lawful medical cannabis use outside of work.

Meanwhile, a medical marijuana bill advanced in Kansas, marking the first time a bill has made it that far in the Sunflower State. It’s not great, but it’s still a step in the right direction. New Mexico held a special session to push a recreational bill across the finish line.  Updates on that to come. And sorry South Dakota, but Kristi Noem is trying to add restrictions to the voter-approved medical law even though the deadline for considering legislation has already passed.

A stray dog determined to take a purple stuffed unicorn from a North Carolina Dollar General gets it as a gift — and finds a furever home. A Georgia woman found and returned a 44-year-old baby photo to its rightful owner from the tornado debris. A 19-pound cat went missing but was found in the neighbors’ chimney 28 days later. Meanwhile, a dog in Ontario literally stopped traffic to get help for her owner who was suffering from a seizure. A North Dakota representative had to remove her popcorn machine from the Capitol after it set the fire alarms off — twice. In Maryland, a bomb squad blew up a Civil War-era cannonball so it wouldn’t blow up on its own. A mafia fugitive was caught when he started a cooking channel on YouTube with his wife after seven years on the run. People think this puppy looked like an inflated panda after he ate a bee, but we think it just looks like he’s sneaking Kibble. A McDonald’s drive-thru customer gets revenge on the rude lady behind him, and a Goodwill worker found and returned $42,000 accidentally donated in sweaters.

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Spencer talks about his work on the Sphinx Tribe, and recommended taking a listen to Tales from the Crypt #239 for more info on Sphinx from co-founder Paul Itoi 

Perseverance, the Mars Rover, is taking a helicopter named Ingenuity to a 33-foot by 33-foot airfieldin the Jezero Crater for the first test flight of its kind. Across the pond, a 33-year-old woman was catapulted from a malfunctioning NHS hospital bed and because she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, her neck is now completely unstable and she has to lie flat because she can’t support the weight of her head without extreme pain. UK’s NHS won’t pay for her life saving surgery either so her parents are trying to raise £100,000 to transport her to Spain. And in Queens, a 33-year-old man was stabbed to death by a fellow resident at a hotel-turned-homeless shelter.

Some folks in Kansas City are experiencing homelessness as a form of protest and hoping the city gives them a building where they can live. Meanwhile, Kansas City is working with a $8.5 million budget specifically for the unhoused, $7 million of which came from COVID relief funding. Starting end of October, 83 area codes are going to have to be included when dialing local numbers in 37 different states under an FCC order so the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can use their three-digit 988.

In two days, 8,000 people got the jab at Arrowhead Stadium. Starting April 9th, vaccines will be available to every adult in Missouri. At least 53,000 pregnant women have gotten their first dose. And sadly, California theme park advisors did advise rollercoaster riders not to scream to prevent the spread of the coof. It was not satire. The magic number appeared again with 33 new cases in Pennsylvania, 33 deaths in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom, 33% of Albany County residents vaccinated ,33% capacity in New York fitness classes, and mandatory quarantine in Ireland for travelers from33 high-risk countries.

Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries started selling vape pens and cartridgeslast Friday. Meanwhile, the Show-Me State’s cannabis regulatorsrevoked 97 licenses for failing to pass a commencement inspection by the one-year deadline.

Dozens of White House staffers were fired, suspended, asked to resign, or forced to work remotely due to past marijuana use just a few weeks after the Office of Personnel Management issued updated guidance indicating that federal agencies should not automatically disqualify applicants from federal jobs because of their past weed use. They all filled out a SF-86 form which is 136 pages long. Jen Psaki tweeted about the situation and failed to link to this story.

A Michigan credit union is being slammed withthe first penalty for pot banking violations in the same week that the SAFE Banking Act was reintroduced. New Mexico’s recreational bill didn’t get voted on in time but may have a special session, unlikeMaryland’s which is dead in the water.

A stolenPitbull puppy named Pitbull was returned to its owner after a standoff with KCPD and the burglar. Overland Park PD pulled over a woman driving 149 mph, and her excuse was she thought she was only doing 129. Trump could be coming back to social media with his own platform. A priest and two dominatrices were slapped with obscenity charges after an altar threesome. American Pickers is coming to Missouri in May! Stay away from screens for 24 hours andyou could earn $2,400. A disgruntled employerpaid an ex-employee in oil-covered pennies. A masked bandit was caught sleeping in a dishwasher. Packing peanuts allegedlydissolve in hot water. A new mum was mortified when her husband sent a picture with her uncropped nether regionsto the whole family. And a woman visiting Bali picked up a blue-ringed octopus, not realizing it’s one of the oceans deadliest creatures.

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Across the pond, an active police officer was arrested in connection with a 33-year-old woman’s disappearance. But back in America, 15 cats turned into 33 and the Derek Chauvin trial has a 33-person cap in the courtroom, including sequestered witnesses.


South Carolina was the only state reporting 33 COVID deaths this week, but a 33-year-old man did become the first confirmed case of the South African variant in Delhi.  Also, a Florida healthcare worker gave birth to the first baby with confirmed antibodies after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine at 36 weeks pregnant.


Behind the curtain, we congratulate Oregon for establishing America’s first psilocybin mushroom advisory board and discuss the findings of a harm reduction survey in Charleston, West Virginia of which only 33% of recipients responded.  


In England, a 33-year-old man was charged with “drug offenses” after a thermal imaging camera discovered his 500-plant grow house.   Legislation to legalize an adult use market in Mexico is heading back to the Senate after House lawmakers made changes to its language and voted overwhelmingly in favor of it.  Missouri could see a recreational market too as Kansas City area dispensary owners are launching a petition to put rec on the 2022 ballot


Legislation to cap THC have cropped up in Colorado, Florida, Montana, and Washington now.  A bill creating a legislative alternative to the medical marijuana program voters approved last year was killed in the Mississippi House.  Unfortunately, Reefer Madness is alive and well as Nebraska’s Governor Ricketts said that if you legalize marijuana, “you’re going to kill your kids.”  


A bill to legalize recreational weed was introduced in the Rhode Island senate and the governor proposed it in the fiscal-year 2022 budget.  New Mexico’s House Bill 12 to legalize recreational weed only needs one more committee vote before the full Senate takes up the bill. 


Assembly Bill 130 was introduced by a Wisconsin senator to reduce possession fines and eliminate imprisonment for citizens posession up to 10 grams.  Their governor also slipped legalization into the state budget


If you think 10 grams is too low,  just remember possession of only 3 grams are decriminalized in Hawaii.  The Hawaii Senate voted to approve two reform bills.  The first increases the decriminalization threshold to 30 grams and grants expungements while the other would legalize and regulate the commercial market.


The Ohio Supreme Court set a precedent that state regulators can’t ignore applications to expand medical cultivation facilities and the voter-approved medical marijuana program has a higher chance of being implemented in South Dakota after lawmakers failed to compromise on a measure to delay legalization.  Backers of the voter-approved recreational measure also filed their first arguments to the Supreme Court.


In just 10 days, Arizona’s recreational sales hit $2.9 million and received 377 applications with a non-refundable $25,000 for 13 licenses.  Since its 2014 program launch, Colorado sales topped $10 billion.  Michigan is spending $20 million of its recreational tax revenue to support medical research, as stipulated in their law, while California is awarding $15 million in social equity grants.  Maybe they’ve got money to figure out how to keep their seed-to-sale tracking system up and running


A 33-year-old Missouri masseuse got his second sodomy charge while an angler in the state reeled in a 112-pound black carp.  In Wisconsin, dogs and camping chairs went for a drive.  A British man set a new record for drinking a pouch of Capri Sun in a little more than 16 seconds and a Tennessee woman is waiting for her world record verification for her 16,000-item Winnie the Pooh collection.  Meanwhile, if you like gardening in Minecraft you could begin making $70 an hour.


Bowlers discuss the first time they ever got a thrift score.  Next week’s FTIE is the first time I ever moved.  Share the story of YOUR first move in a voicemail or a text message for the voice shy: (816) 607-3663.