Thank you Quirkess, our executive producer for Episode 65 of Bowl After Bowl! This is a value-for-value podcast thanks to the time, talent, and treasure of all the bowlers out there.  Special thanks to Nodebit and Voidzero for keeping our bowls burning brighter Tuesday after Tuesday — and overtime thanks toSirSeatSitter, host of the podcast ABS ‘n a 6-Pack, who joined us for our second Bowls with Buds!

Pasco County can get on top of our 33 segment any day.  Afterwaiting 33 years, they’re finally getting a second Hooters!  If you’re not fortunate enough to have two Hooters where you live, you can always jump on one of these33 new flight routes thanks to the new American Airline-JetBlue partnership.  And if you’re bored on a flight, you can try to solve the riddle of how Mitch McConnell’s federal disclosure jumped from $3 million to $33 million in two years. Coincidence? I think not!

Kansas City is loosening a few ‘VID restrictions, like restaurant hours and group sizes — but face diapers and six-foot safe spaces are still required. Soon, face-friendly folks could find protections in Tennessee wherelegislation to prevent discrimination against the maskless is on the table. A 90-year-old Seattle woman wanted the vaccine so bad, she walked six miles in the snow to get it.  Wonder if she’ll mind the‘rona sniffing dogs

Can cannabis cure the coof?  If studies go well, this cannabinoid-containing complex mixture may seek an Independent New Drug Filing with the FDA.

Three states — Kansas, Nebraska, and Idaho — have no state-legal access of any kind, but Kansas Governor Kelly wants to fund Medicaid expansion and thinks taxes from a medical marijuana market could make that happen.  She’s probably right, as this recession-proof industry created 77,000 new jobs last year in the midst of the 2020 madness.  More than 320,000 folks are currently employed full-time by the weed industry.

There are currently 800 lawsuits filed by entrepreneurs who didn’t get cannabiz licenses in Missouri, but now their lawyers are confused by a Supreme Court directive stating attorneys cannot participate in or advise clients how to participate in federally illegal activities.  This is contradictory to protections written into the state’s 2018 medical marijuana constitutional amendment, so the issue could end up in Court.

It’s no surprise in the bowl that Biden’s Department of Justice lawyers ruled the IRS can investigate Section 280E violations, slamming $4.2 million — a sick joke — in penalties and back taxes on the Colorado cannabiz that brought their fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.   The clip played during this segment was from the National Cannabis Industry Association’s IRS Tax Code Section 280E explainer video.  Biden also received a letter from37 Congressmen asking for a blanket pardon of the 1,927 prisoners sitting in federal prison for weed.

Despite overwhelming support nationwide for the de-scheduling of marijuana, states like Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota nullified election results.  The Utah Supreme Court ruled the governor and legislature could legally enact a more restricted market than what voters passed, and Nebraska wouldn’t let a medical initiative get to ballot because apparently growing, selling, and possessing weed are three different issues and ballot initiatives are limited to one in the state.  

South Dakota could have been the 13th state to legalize a recreational market, but now it may have to wait even longer to see its voter-approved medical market roll out.  New Jersey became the 13th full rec state since the governor finally signed legislation enacting the will of the people.  An appellate court in the Garden State also lifted a 2019 order preventing the issuance of 24 additional medical dispensary licenses.  Virginia is also expanding their medical market now that they’re able to grow and sell nug!  About time.

A 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry went to a pair that created the Crispr-Cas9, a DNA mutating tool using an enzyme and a guide RNA.  Some cannabis companies have been using it since 2018 to create genetic changes in strains like disease resistance and climate tolerance.

Possession of any drug besides pot in New Mexico is a felony, so the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee unanimously passed a defelonization bill to be heard by another senate committee.  

Nelly’s Wildwood, Missouri mansion is on the market for 75% off it’s 2002 list price.  Unfortunately, it’s been abandoned for the whole two decades since it was originally listed.  If you’re looking for a B&B in Pennsylvania, you could stay at Buffalo Bill’s place.   If you’re looking for a new home, consider Newton County, Missouri which just passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act.  

Gorilla Glue Girl’s GoFundMe is under investigation.  Someone should probably investigate why Daft Punk is calling it quits after 28 years, or why the Philadelphia airport is paying for a robot to follow a human to deliver food to people.  Congratulations to Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée who welcomed a baby girl Earthside this past week, and also to this husband who won a Guinness World Record for putting on 35 shirts in one minute thanks to the help of his wife.

The bowlers talk about the first time they ever drove somewhere they weren’t supposed to and decide next week’s FTIE will be the first time I ever saw an R-rated movie.  Get your stories in now or later with a voicemail at (816) 607-3663.


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