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The magic number was all around this weeks. 33% of Americans believe banning Trump from some social media went too far. At least 33 people shot, 5 injured this weekend in Chicago. The dude in the epic buffalo garb also happens to be 33 years old.


A British hacktivist has allegedly archived every Parler post – even deleted ones – for Internet archiving.


Bruce Willis was asked to leave store for refusing to wear a face diaper. Too bad he lives so far away! We would love to host him at the Kansas City No Agenda meetup this Friday at Don Chilito’s! Can you believe Kansas City is touting ventilators as new technology to combat the Rona? They published a positive ventilator PR story the other day.


Lisa Montgomery’s execution is once again indefinitely postponed. The decision was granted today, though the Department of Justice is battling it in appeals. Just in case she was federally executed today, though, our local news played a 15-minute memorial of sorts last night that included a fucking song. In the morning!


 Missouri House Democrats filed Resolution 10 urging Josh Hawley to resign after he dared to listen to and act on behalf of his constituents. His book deal was slashed and now Hallmark is asking for their donation money back. Ha!


The Kansas City Star removed the image of its founder, William Rockhill Nelson, from their publication along with his quote, “A paper for the people.” Their editorial board has previously called for the renaming of JC Nichols Parkway and the Chiefs.


Kansas representative Aaron Coleman has requested to leave the Democratic party and become an Independent. Unfortunately for him, Kansas Democrats have already filed a complaint about him that will lead to a bipartisan investigation. 



Welcome to Kansas City, From the Earth dispensary! They opened last Friday as Missouri slowly continues rolling out our medical market. Oregon made $1 billion in 2020 sales, creating a new record for themselves! The South Dakota Governor issued an executive order challenging the amendment legalizing recreational while Colorado issues a recall on two strains. And if you’re looking to get into this budding industry, Arkansas is now issuing processing and transport licenses.


We discuss the first time we ever got high at a concert and listen to producer stories, then get inspiration for next week’s FTIE from phoneboy: the first time I ever called into a radio show.

We round out the show by throwing some strikes, but mostly gutters:

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