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We’ll be hanging with Nick the Rat TOMORROW for Episode 420!

Boo-Bury is coming to town, so the Bowlers will be appearing on Behind the Sch3m3s next MOANDAY after a Bowls With Buds FRIDAY!

Watch Spencer’s 4:20 am fire and snow shenanigans video 

Intro/Outro: EVA – Shitsubo shita


SEC has not approved BTC ETFs, but its hacked X account briefly said otherwise (CoinDesk) 

@R0ckstarDev video series on BTCPayServer coinjoins

OpenSats’ 2023: Year in Review

mononautical thread


KC Bitcoin meetup @ Chicken N Pickle 6:00 pm


Japan stocks soar on earnings hopes, reaching new 33-year high (Nikkei Asia)

Taiwan’s EVA Air finalizes up to $10.1 billion order for 33 Airbus planes (Reuters)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 281: Someone Had Not Finished

Ukraine says it failed to shoot down 33 Russian missiles in deadly attack (ABC News)

Three years since Jan. 6 attack, at least 33 from NC charged in assault on the Capitol (Spectrum News)

Taxes on sugary drinks cut consumer sales by 33%, study says (CNN)

Death of person who waited 33 hours in Grace Hospital emergency deemed critical incident (CBC)

‘Twice as many as Netflix’ – NHS app registrations hit 33 million (Public Technology)


What lowering federal restrictions on marijuana could mean (NPR)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 265: Dude, It Was Really Good

DEA confirms psychedelic mushroom spores are federally legal prior to producing psilocybin or psilocin through germination (Cannabusiness)
Terrence L. Boos first discussed on Episode 246: Start Discing Me
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration left marijuana out of the scope of a proposed rule on impaired driving technology for vehicles (Federal Register) 

California cannabis company sues state over ‘massive overcollection’ of taxes (Green Market Report)

California shuts down testing at most pot labs in the state (SFGate)

Whitman drug lab raided, 33 pounds of fentanyl, meth seized, property condemned (The Enterprise)

Nearly half of Missouri social-equity marijuana license applicants were from out of state (Chief Equity Officer 2023 Activity Report)

New Jersey Gov. Murphy signs bill expanding access to drug harm reduction centers (NJ Legislature)

New York Rep. Jenifer Rajkumar introduces SMOKEOUT Bill (NY State Assembly)

Sports Medicine study finds pot doesn’t boost athletic performance (Springer Link) 

Wisconsin Republicans’ medical marijuana plan gets lukewarm reception from Evers, lawmakers (Associated Press)

Canadian advocates say banks still refuse their business, fueling the illicit market and hurting the industry (National Post)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us ANY GIVEN DAY & ANNISOKAY – H.A.T.E


Bowlers called in to discuss the First Time THEY Ever almost died.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got stitches.


Maverik to retire Kum & Go (CSP Daily News) 

Rocket will release remains of 330 people into space (New York Post)

Florida man sues Dunkin’ Donuts after toilet explosion douses him in feces and urine, lawsuit says (FOX)

Pennsylvania dog chows down on $4k (FOX)

Arizona dog escapes kennel, frees friends (FOX)

Oklahoma 13-year-old becomes first to achieve Tetris killscreen (CNN)

Cat lost for seven years found in factory 900 feet away from home (FOX)

“Tunnel Girl” forced to stop digging (The Sun)

Wood washed up on Maryland beach believed to be from 19th century ship (UPI)

Alabama man arrested after naked dive into Bass Pro aquarium (FOX)

Aliens put in coordinates backward and end up at Miami Mall instead of Antarctica (/x/) 

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