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Intro/Outro: Punch Deck – Music to Wear Fingerless Gloves To


Partial wins awarded in Ripple-SEC lawsuit (Cointelegraph)

Institutional investors shun self-custodial crypto solutions (The Block)

The first Nostr Documentary ‘Social media is broken. Can we fix it?’ (No BS Bitcoin)

Primal open sources its entire stack, opens Android Alpha & raises $1 million (No BS Bitcoin)

Zapple Pay Guide (Habla)

Mutiny Wallet beta open to public

Zeus Wallet announce it will no longer require users to run a separate node (No BS Bitcoin)

Binance finally enables Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals (No BS Bitcoin)


Americans with Disabilities Act turns 33 years old (Keloland Living)

Flooding affects operations at 33 Vermont wastewater treatment facilities(VT Digger)

Death toll rises to 33 amid dangerous flooding in South Korea (CNN)

Delhi flood update: 33 students evacuated from ITO (Business Today)

High-speed internet access expands in North Carolina: 33 counties to benefit from $80 million grant boost (ABC)

Directorate General of Civil Aviation reports 33% rise in June domestic air traffic compared to last year (CNBC India) 


Secret Service found pot but didn’t make a publicity stunt out of it (CNN)

States give marijuana data to Biden Administration for rescheduling review (MJ Biz Daily)
Janet Yellen eats jian shou qing mushrooms during China visit (CNN) 

Cannabis related ER visits rose during pandemic (NewsNation / YouTube)

Green Thumb Industries worker dies in Illinois facility (Weed Week)

DEA tells young people to spend time becoming influencers, playing video games instead of drugs ( 

Strong smell lingers near Phoenix marijuana grow facility (Arizona’s Family)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 238: I Want To Go Poop

Decriminalize California cleared to begin gathering signatures for a 2024 ballot initiative to legalize psilocybin (Decrim CA)

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green signs bill to license hemp producers, establish Hemp Task Force (

Idaho activists are gathering signatures to put medical marijuana on the 2024 ballot (ID News 6)

Maine governor Janet Mills signs bill allowing pot sales at events (

Owners of Club Castaway in Whatley, MA no longer focusing on opening a topless pot retail outlet in the strip club (MassLive)

NYC raids unlicensed weed stores, they reopen 24 hours later (NY1)

Oklahoma man concerned after he was denied gun license renewal due to his marijuana card (FOX 23)

South Dakota law enforcement commission officers forgiveness to two hopeful police officers for pot use (SD Searchlight)

Slovakian President Zuzana Caputova pardons two people serving sentences for growing medical pot (Spectator)


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us Green Jelly’s Three Little Pigs.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever got a treat from the ice cream truck.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever animed.

Phone lines are open 24/7: (816) 607-3663


New York couple leads 33 trips to help those in need (Observer Today)

Science of rolling the perfect joint (Scientific American)

MariMed stages Boston Tea Party protest over federal tax code 280E (Marijuana Moment)

Houston woman detained in Dubai, charged with screaming in public (Newsweek)

Fuzzy invasion of domestic rabbits has a Florida suburb hoping into a hunt for new owners (Associated Press)

Kentucky farmer unearths hundreds of rare Civil War-era coins (Fox)

Massive 122-pound blue catfish caught in Tennessee breaks state record (FOX)

iPad may have led to helicopter crash that killed pilot, co-pilot (Fox)

27-year-old California mother killed by lawnmower (Daily Mail)

Israeli surgeons reattach boy’s head after car accident (Fox)

Police, space agency investigating unknown object found on Australian beach (Fox)

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