Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 249 Producers: Kevin S, harvhat, Seedubs, cottongin, NetNed, piranesi, Boo-Bury

HUGE thank you to MakeHeroism for the episode art!

Come bowl with us Saturday at Daugherty Bowling Center in Ft. Leonard Wood — and THEN we’ll party in Uranus.

Intro/Outro: HurricaneTurtle – Stargate



Raspiblitz update

SEC v Binance lawsuit / SEC press release
SEC v Coinbase lawsuit

Tor v0.4.8.1-alpha: Onion Service Proof-of-Work (GitLab) 

The Bitcoin Legacy Project

Scaling & Anonymizing Bitcoin at Layer 1 with client side validation (GitHub) 

Blockstream Greenlight


33 detained as scuffle breaks out between students of Noida medical institute, security guards (Indian Express)

33 new stations to monitor air quality (Times of India)

Japan’s Nikkei closes at 33-year high; firm Wall Street lifts appetite (Reuters)



Winona County (CA) Sheriff: La Crosse (Wisconsin) man arrested for transporting 33 pounds of marijuana and 5 boxes of psychedelic mushrooms (La Cross Tribune)

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs bill allowing online pot sales (HB23-1279 Colorado General Assembly) and a bill to bolster weed-related protections for professionals (SB23-265) 

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis signs kratom regulation bill (FL Senate)

Smart & Safe Florida legalization initiative has enough signatures for 2024 ballot (Marijuana Moment)

Kentucky to fund ibogaine research with ‘no less than’ $42 million in opioid settlement funds (KY Office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron / YouTube)

Lenawee County, Michigan distributing lock bags for safe pot storage (WLEN)

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives warns Minnesota pot users they are still federally barred from purchasing and possessing guns (ATF)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodges Second Amendment question (White House / YouTube 43:31)

St. Louis NAACP wants ‘immediate correction’ of Missouri microbussiness license map (Missouri Independent)

Missouri courts not expected to meet expungement deadline (KCUR)

Nevada lawmakers sent Gov. Joe Lombardo a Psychedelic Medicines Working Group bill (SB242 / NV Legislature) and Lombardo signed a bill codifying into law the requirement that weed retailers verify customer ages before selling to them (Review Journal)

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission to give priority to social equity businesses for some licenses (New Jersey Monitor)

New York cannabis board votes to settle social equity license-blocking suit (Spectrum Local News)

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upholds US Citizenship and Immigration Service’s determination that an El Salvadoran woman running a Washington state legal dispensary does not have “good moral character” and should be denied naturalization (US Courts)

Rastafari gain sacramental rights to marijuana in Antigua and Barbuda, celebrate freedom of worship (The Associated Press)

Bern, Switzerland lawmakers approve measure for controlled cocaine sales pilot program (SRF)

‘Very last warning’ for 82-year-old German convicted of dealing drugs (AP)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker kicks off June with Megadeth’s Mechanix.



Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever peed during a podcast.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fired a gun.

The Good Reverend Doctor Phifer on Behind the Sch3m3s Episode 99: I Am The Chemicals

DuhLaurien on Hog Story #235 Accident Foot


South Carolina man robs store with Duck Hunt pistol (FOX)

Elderly dog saves dog brother from coyote (FOX)

Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth (AP)

‘Witches’ eating deer carcass caught on trail camera (New York Post)

Italian angler reels in nine-foot-long catfish, seeks record (MADCAT)

NYC woman has public meltdown, rampages for 30 minutes (FOX)

UK driver hops out of car, fills up gas tank completely naked (FOX)

Woman stealing plants out of gardens in Kent (FOX)

Sonic employee arrested in New Mexico after cocaine found in customer’s hot dog (Rio Grande Sun)

Website address on 798K Maryland license plates leads to Philippines gambling site (WBALTV)

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