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Thank you to M. Andrew Jones for joining us in the Bowl for his first Bowls With Buds!

Intro/Outro: Severance – Karl Casey at White Bat Audio


Fold card no longer allowing PayPal sat stack hacks

Bitcoin Product Learning Club

KC BitcoinersBitcoin & Coffee on Friday and Tuesday Beers With Bitcoiners


Trump Truth.Social post vs. 34 in the headlines (CBS) 

India’s power output grows at fastest pace in 33 years, fueled by coal (Reuters)

Man eating only McDonald’s for 100 days says he’s lost 33 pounds so far (TODAY)

33-year-old woman whose body was found in Winnipeg landfill climbed into bin before it was taken to dump (CBC News)


Another federal court rules banning pot consumers from possessing guns is unconstitutional (Marijuana Moment)

US Sentencing Commission approves amendment to treat prior pot possession offenses more leniently (Marijuana Moment)

DEA moves to temporarily place six synthetic cannabinoids in Schedule 1 (Federal Register)
Washington, D.C. institutes a medical pot sales tax holiday from April 15-24 — again! (WUSA9)

Phoenix, Arizona officials inspecting pot facilities amid complaints over strong smell (Fox10 Phoenix)

Green Thumb deal to sell medical marijuana at Florida gas stations on hold amid litigation (MJ Biz Daily)

Pot doctor sues Florida after being cleared in undercover investigation (Tallahassee Democrat)

Former Michigan marijuana board head, speaker charged with bribery (ABC 13)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 223: Sorry, Wrong Spell

Kansas City mayor “thanks y’all for the weed tax money” (The Center Square)

Legalization forces police departments to re-evaluate K9 programs (KMOV4)

Missouri on track to break sales record, hitting $1 billion (KSDK)

Hoboken, New Jersey City Council asks state to ban Delta-8 THC (TAPinto)

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signs bill creating expungement process ( 

Years-long federal investigation leads to black market marijuana bust in Oklahoma (KOCO)

South Carolina judge rejects State Law Enforcement Division’s request to reconsider a civil penalty she applied in a lawsuit over the destruction of a hemp crop (The Post and Courier)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 229: Wake Up and Like Cock

Girlfriend smuggles vape cartridges into Wisconsin Community Reintegration Center (FOX 6 Milwaukee) 


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Iced Earth’s cover of Highway to Hell.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever had something in their butt.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got a tattoo.


78-year-old bank heist suspect: ‘I didn’t mean to scare you’ (Associated Press)

Man in China jailed for scaring neighbor’s 1,100 chickens to death amid feud (FOX)

Mississippi woman charged with having sex with dog says she was ‘forced’(Leader Call) 

Man playing Pokemon GO finds stolen Dairy Queen giant spoon (FOX)

Pennsylvania man strips naked after leading chase with stolen school bus (FOX)

Groom killed after bride’s ex-lover gifted sound system rigged with explosives (VICE)

New species of poisonous birds discovered in New Guinea jungle by Danish researchers (FOX)

Wildlife officials stumped as mysterious animal caught on Texas trail camera (FOX)

Michigan family welcomes first girl born in more than 130 years (FOX)

New York museum building world’s largest Donkey Kong arcade machine (UPI)

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