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Shoutout to Fletcher for contributing the art for this episode!

Intro/Outro: Ao’S – Frustration of Life

Hope to see you at the Hairball concert @ Ameristar Casino February 3rd


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Kaboomracks miners

Miss Universe contestant from El Salvador dons golden Bitcoin outfit (Reuters) 

Huobi delists 33 tokens in one day, citing trading risk, low volume (CoinTelegraph)


Bed Bath & Beyond registers 33% decline in sales for Q3 2022 (Retail Insight Network)

US cancer death rate falls 33% since 1991, partially due to advances in treatment, early detection and less smoking, report says (CNN)

MLB arbitration deadline tracker: 33 players fail to agree on salary (The Score)

Kansas City Zoo mourns the loss of 33-year-old polar bear Berlin (KMBC / ABC)


33-year-old Ukrainian bsketball player dies of heart problems (Euro Hoops) 

Waffler69 dies, age 33 (The Advocate) 

33 City of Windsor (Ontario) employees returning after getting fired for not disclosing vaccination status (CTV News)


Weighing the Impact of Simple Possession of Marijuana: Trends and Sentencing in the Federal System (United States Sentencing Commission)

Sentencing Table

Proposed 2023 Amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Feds mull changes to cannabis questions on vetting forms (Government Executive)

Removal of DATA Waiver (X-Waiver) Requirement (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

DEA letter to registrants (US Department of Justice)

Alcohol, Other Drug, and Multiple Drug Use Among Drivers (National Transportation Safety Board)

President Biden delivers remarks at the National Action Network Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfast (The White House / YouTube)

Two elderly D.C. neighbors in legal battle over smoking pot (Daily Mail)

Former Adelanto, California mayor Richard Allen Kerr agrees to plead guilty (US Department of Justice)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 99: Offer Offer Get Caught

Logan Airport TSA find weed in a man’s candle

Impaired driving program reveals rift among cannabis commissioners (WWLP)

Missouri State Public Defender’s Office application for pot prisoners

New York City’s second dispensary to open February 13

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul signs bill to automatically legalize Schedule 1 drugs if they are reclassified at the federal level (Lucid News)

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement completes investigation into stores allegeldy selling weed products containing THC levels higher than what is allowed (NC Department of Public Safety)

Killeen (TX) City Council prepares for litigation from Belly County (KCEN TV / NBC)

Harker Heights (TX) City Council rejects petition to reverse its repeal of voter-approved decriminalization (KDH News)


The Rev CyberTrucker brings us State of Mine’s The Thunder Rolls ft. No Resolve.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever changed jobs.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever tried gelato.


Biggest flower ever found preserved in amber is at least 33 million years old (CNET)

Pigeon wearing backpack of crystal meth detained by Canadian prison (New York Post)

Swedish government moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing (Associated Press)

Suitcase lost by airline turns up four years later after detour to Honduras (United Press International)

Man narrowly misses being hit by rockslide in Malibu, large boulder crushes his car (ABC 7)

King cobra found inside parked car in India (CarToq)
Missouri rejected these naughty requests for license plates in 2021 (Fox 4 KC)

California Berkeley university campus worker finds human skeleton in unused residence building (KTVU FOX 2)

Arkansas landowner stumbles upon hundreds of deer carcasses, prompting investigation (FOX 10 Phoenix)

Psychic and investigators: search for missing cat captivates Bolivia (Reuters)

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