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Intro: Hypnotic by Señor B

Check out the Jim Bruer Special Somebody Had to Say It


JULY 7 KC Bitcoin Meetup: Nick Neuman on Why and How You Should Hold Your Own Keys

Mark Cuban’s Voyager Digital suspends all trade

Vauld halts withdrawals


California Gov. Newsom grants clemency in 33 cases across California

Hate crimes in California increased 33% in 2021

Turkey to seek extradition of 33 suspects from Finland, Sweden

Bud’s to repay $33k in taken tips


Azerbaijan detects 33 daily COVID-19 cases

33 found Covid positive in Ludhiana district (India)

33 new cases: Salem district (India)

[Australia] records 33 Covid deaths as Victoria reports fifth monkeypox case

33 more dengue patients hospitalized (Bangladesh)

CoxHealth nurse, 33, shares story of her stroke; warns other young patients about her symptoms


Britney Griner trial begins
(Video) The View talks Gritney

(Video) Griner’s coach: If it was Lebron, he’d be home

Griner sends handwritten letter to Biden

(Video) July 5, 2022 White House Press Briefing

Clint Eastwood wins $2 million in fake CBD endorsement case

‘Big Bang’ actress and Jeopardy host Mayim Bialik wins preliminary injunction against CBD companies using her name to advertise products

Department of Justice asks for more time to respond to Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s lawsuit but says it will ultimately file a motion to dismiss

Customs and Border Patrol brags it has seized 99,000 pounds of pot so far this year

US Department of Energy grants $3.74 million grant to Texas A&M for hempcrete research
US Army seeking contractors to supply hemp yarn for sniper uniforms

Leafly breaks down fentanyl-laced weed absurdity

— Canadian officials warned public of false fentanyl reports in 2019
— 2017 study investigating the “deadly exposure” myth

NEWEST FALSE FENTANYL REPORTS: Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief suffers panic attack from “potential” fentanyl exposure

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu raises concerns about drugs allegedly tainted with fentanyl

Colorado State Patrol seizes enough fentanyl to kill 25 million people

Washington, D.C. Council unanimously passes bill to let citizens self-certify as medical patients but re-criminalization of public possession of more than 4 ounces goes into effect Friday in Virginia

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to eliminate the cultivation tax, prevent excise tax increases for at least three years, and provide tax credits for social equity 

Los Angeles City Council approves program requiring licensed weed businesses to display placard

Federal prosecutors publish press release touting convictions as part of “crackdown on [the] unlicensed marijuana dispensary industry”

Colorado Department of Revenue clarifies legality of weed seeds regarding the January 6 DEA letter 

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelley and state attorney general being sued by delta-8 THC retailer

THC-infused edibles and beverages became legal in Minnesota last Friday

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson vetoes kratom regulation bill

Dispensary owners file lawsuit against Great Falls, Montana after recreational ban

Nebraska Secretary of State asks US Court of Appeals to overturn a ruling in the case medical activists brought against the state’s rules on geographic distribution of signatures to qualify ballot measures

Nebraska activists need 35,000 signatures in less than a week

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed a bill to permanently legalize hemp

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill including weed businesses with on-site consumption in a list of sensitive locations where people are not allowed to possess guns

Ohio Supreme Court unanimously overturns weed conviction based on illegal search

Leigh County, Pennsylvania district attorney warns retailers they are selling illegal hemp-derived products

23 new weed laws take effect in South Dakota


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us Hellyeah – Hellyeah (Hellyeah).

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Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever went on a road trip.
Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever ate at a hibachi grill.


Deaths of more than 1,000 pigs leads to 33-year-old woman’s arrest in US

WWII-era boat emerges from shrinking Lake Mead

Woman brought baby, drugs to Florida prison visit

Florida county under quarantine after return of invasive African land snail

Kangaroo returns home after parrot frees it from enclosure

Virginia man wins $250k lottery using numbers he saw in a dream

Woman’s beach bag bursts into flames after it’s left in the sun on vacation

Baby born with 4 arms and 4 legs hailed as a ‘miracle of nature’

New crab species covered in hair identified by scientists

Camper wakes up to steak knife-wielding crab

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