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Wolf on the Prowl report features KC Bitcoiner Mitch of the Orange Pill Addicts podcast


American-made drone Hera can lift 33 pounds, fly for an hour, and fit in a backpack

33 critically endangered Batagur Baska turtles born in Bangladesh

Dubuque man sentenced to federal prison after possessing a firearm and 33 pounds of pot


33 new cases Tricity (India)

Study concludes cannabichromanon (CBCN) and cannabinolic acid (CBNA) alleviate COVID-19 infection


May 10th is now National Fentanyl Awareness Day

State Department declares Brittney Griner wrongfully detained

FDA issues warning letters to delta-8 companies

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy announces US-Colombia counternarcotics strategy

FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock to chair the agency’s Cannabis Products Council

Right to Try activists arrested at DEA headquarters yesterday

National Cancer Institute posted a notice about the availability of federal funding to research effects of weed in treating cancer and managing symptoms

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department drops legal claims to seized Empyreal money

Colorado Summit ultimate disc team says it’s the first professional sports team to display a legal weed company logo on jerseys

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signs budget bill with provision creating a program to provide certain patients access to psychedelic-assisted therapy

CT lawmakers sent governor a bill to restrict weed “gifting”

Illinois’ residency requirement for licensing challenged in new lawsuit

27-year-old Maryland man found guilty by federal jury of weed trafficking

Missouri appeals court rejects lawsuit challenging license cap

Missouri Rep. Shamed Dogan’s joint referendum passes House Special Committee on Criminal Justice
Legal MO submitted double the signatures it needed

Nebraska running on volunteers to collect signatures

New Mexico’s Taxation and Revenue Department to issue $15 million worth of gross receipts refunds— state is expected to collect $31.5million from non-medical sales

Oklahoma signature drive to place recreational legalization on the ballot started last week

Oklahoma senator receives threatening voicemail over bill to increase cultivation licensing fees

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has bill to make MMJ Authority a freestanding state agency sitting on his desk as well as a bill to increase penalties for people who purchase medical pot and sell it to non-cardholders

South Dakota activists turn in signatures to put legalization on the November ballot

Voters in Austin, TX approved a ballot measure to decriminalize weed and ban no-knock police raids

Wyoming hemp farmers sue Division of Criminal Investigation and one of its officers


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us comedy metal with Kobi LaCroix’s We Are the Vikings, whose nipples knock down all the trees!


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever did whippets. Next week, we want to hear from you about the First Time YOU Ever lost something important.


Marble bust purchased at Texas Goodwill for $35 turns out to be from ancient Rome

More than 1,100 pounds of cocaine found at Nespresso warehouse in Switzerland

Maine to ban vulgar license plates
Man who married hologram in Japan can no longer communicate with his virtual wife because the software is no longer supported

Three red wolf pups born at North Carolina zoo

California couple finds hundreds of swallows flew into their house through chimney

Lost puppy taken in by Massachusetts family turns out to be a coyote

Chicago infested by larger than normal swarm of gnats

Woman reunited with her taxidermy rat after eight months
Russian tourist forced to make public apology after posing nude with sacred tree in Bali, being deported
— they’re making stricter rules for the holy grounds

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