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Day 33 of the alleged Russian invasion

Los Angeles County gas prices dipped for first time in 33 days

33 dogs removed from “deplorable conditions” in Lincoln County, Kansas


33 deaths: Saskatchewan (Canada)

33 new cases: Tamil Nadu (India), Mumbai (India)

33% of kids in 12-14 age group vaxxed so far in Madhya Pradesh (India)

Riverside County (CA) cases increase 33% in two weeks


MORE (Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement) Act is set for a House vote this week

Joe Biden proposes to keep blocking Washington, D.C. from legalizing weed sales as part of the budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2023 that he sent to Congress yesterday

US embassy in Moscow finds Brittney Griner ‘in good condition’ after getting consular access

The Queen of Basketball director Ben Proudfoot urged Biden to bring Griner home when accepting his Oscar for Documentary short

DEA taking steps to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid addicts

Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals reversed a judge’s ruling that a man could receive a security clearance after using weed subsequent to apply

IRS ramping up marijuana business audits after Covid lull

Alabama celebrated National Poison Prevention Week by demonizing delta-8
Arkansas for Compassionate Care drops 2022 legalization effort

Cambridge (MA) City Council voted to repeal 3% Community Impact Fee on recreational sales

Hazel Park (MI) City Council unanimously passed a measure to decriminalize psychedelics

Marijuana lobby pushing Missouri Representative Ron Hicks to cap number of licenses in Cannabis Freedom Act
Audio of Thomas Robbins talking smack on proponents of Hicks’ bill
Nebraska medical activists lose two major donors

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoes bill that would have automatically expunged certain marijuana charges and convictions and the Senate failed to override

Texas Supreme Court hears case challenging state’s smokable hemp manufacturing ban

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed 84 bills this week including House Bill 385 Hemp and CBD Amendments, a bill creating a psychedelics task force to study therapeutic potential, a bill protecting medical cannabis patients, a bill amending provisions related to the production and distribution of medical weed

A record number of weed arrests were made in Japan in 2021


The Rev took us to Spain with the Bourbon Kings’ Fuck You. Make sure you vote in his poll to help decide where the Metal Moment goes next Tokin’ Tuesday!


This week, bowlers called in to share stories about the First Time They Ever lost their shit at work. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fell on your ass.


Flamingo that escaped Wichita zoo in 2005 spotted in Texas

OH man finds extremely rare pink grasshopper in TX

Michigan woman finds escaped kangaroo in driveway

UK Shark House owner dismayed at protected status

Alabama high school donates MGM-52 Lance Missile and red, white, and blue M752 launcher to veterans museum

Video captures man peeing on snack rack after his credit card declined at a Detroit gas station Sunday night

Blind MI basketball player makes shot in front of 2,500 fans

Researchers believe they found a MA whaling ship that sank near the mouth of the Mississippi River 190 years ago

Police in Converse, Texas responded to a call about the discovery of skeletal remains which turned out to be a plastic prop skeleton

Woman receives 20 pairs of tacky shoes customers cannot return

See you in the Bowl Friday with Justin and Magan for Bowls With Buds!

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