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We had our OG buds with butts back in the Bowl for Episode 146, a Bowls With Buds featuring none other than Carolyn Blaney and John Fletcher of Hog Story!

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Shortly before 3:30 PM Sunday, a Sioux Falls (SD) man led highway patrol on a 33-mile pursuit

33 bison donated to Native American tribes from Denver

A poll of US adults found 33% have tried a product with CBD in it


33 deaths: India

33 new cases: Rock Island County (IL)

COVID-19 cases drop 33 times in March in Kazakhstan

Just 0.25% of Ballad Health employees (33) sidelined due to refusing COVID vaccine


At the request of the US, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted to control three chemical precursors used to manufacture fentanyl

US Sentencing Commission 2021 annual report reveals drug trafficking as the most commonly sentenced federal crime

Britney Griner played for a Russian team for 7 years as No Agenda revealedHillary Clinton tweets Free Brittney, Anthony Blinken says Russia is violating international law by not providing American officials to direct access to her

Alaska Rep. Don Young passes away, 88

Arkansas judge extends temporary restraining order preventing issuance of two remaining cannabiz licenses
Colorado activists chose one of the four approved psychedelic initiatives to gather signatures on for the November ballot
Colorado Court of Appeals rules Dept. of Revenue can be considered a “victim” entitled to restitution when a defendant evades marijuana excise taxes
Colorado Springs’ ballot measure to allow recreational sales is approved for signature gathering

A lawsuit filed against Cartersville, Georgia local police over a mass arrest over less than an ounce of pot settled, and they are paying $900k

Georgia judge stalls DA’s effort to ban cannabis extracts

Illinois judge lifts injunction, releasing craft licenses

Expungement forms available in Montana

Nebraska activists host 100 signature drives for their pair of proposals

Oklahoma House Bill looks to facilitate legal mmj business and combat illegal ones utilizing blockchain technology

Two medical growers in Oklahoma were raided and robbed by six individuals cosplaying as law enforcement
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signs more cannabis bills into law

WA Gov. Inslee signed HB 1210 into law, replacing the term marijuana with cannabis in the state’s legal code

Wisconsins Governor Tony Evers signs bill legalizing fentanyl test strips

World’s first hemp-based barrister’s wig was unveiled this week

TerrAscend Corp becomes first major US cannabis operator to launch a mobile retail app
ASTM International launches standard symbol for intoxicating cannabis products


This week, The Rev CyberTrucker brings us metal from Italy with Frozen Crown’s Far Beyond.


Bowlers called in to talk about the first time they ever saw a sex toy. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever lost your shit at work.


South Florida visitor spends night in stranger’s home thinking it was his Airbnb
Man pleads guilty to taking 2 baby bears from their den
Alabama man charged in theft of 70-ton crane
Mexican security camera footage captures a floating entity that scares dogs and then shifts into a bipedal shape

Two SC security guards allegedly tried to poison their supervisor with eye drops in his coffee maker
Thieves in Aurora, Colorado stole $50k worth of fuel using a remote
Man who fell off jet ski shot and killed by rescuer in South Carolina
Security video shows pigs defending off bear attack in CT
British man breaks Guinness World Record of cherry tomatoes harvested from a single stem, then breaks THAT record a few weeks later
WWII bomber jacket left behind at a Tacoma, WA bar in the 1950s returned to vet’s daughter, the only living relative

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