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33 million people were under winter storm watch this past weekend

33 vulnerabilities found in the data transfer protocol for wearable devices
Mother-of-three, 33, kidnapped and tortured boyfriend because she wanted him to pay for Botox

Cruise ship in the wrong place at the wrong time delays SpaceX blastoff 33 seconds before launch

Cincinnati Bengals ended their 33-year Super Bowl drought with a Chiefs defeat


33 deaths: West Bengal, Riverside County (CA), Quebec, Gujarat (India), Delaware

33 cases: Lawrence County (NC), Saint Lucia, Framingham Public Schools (MA)

Ohio crosses 33,000 deaths since start of pandemic

33% vaccinated Houston County (MO)

33% positivity rate (Jamaica)

Children still make up 33% of active COVID-19 cases in Shelby County (TN)

New Omicron variant is 33% more infectious, and more likely to beat vaccine (Wales)


National Institute of Health is making sulfur- and selenium-containing pyrazole molecules (Carbon3Hydrogen4Nitrogen2) capable of modulating cannabinoid receptors available for licensing and commercial development

Home Depot is being sued by a Connecticut woman accusing the company of improperly putting her on medical leave when she revealed she uses medical marijuana to treat her PTSD

Amazon’s vice president of public policy told WaPo it is not interested in selling pot

Arizona activists sue over social equity licenses going to big cannabiz companies

Responsible Growth Arkansas files legalization initiative for 2022 ballot

US Supreme Court declined to take up a California software engineer’s self-submitted petition challenging the constitutionality of criminalizing selling drugs with medical or religious uses

Illinois Attorney General motions to allow more rejected dispensary applicants to join the supercase but denies motion to award craft grow licenses

Restrictions on DOJ pot prosecutions don’t bar Maine case, court rules
Mississippi lawmakers sent a medical bill to the governor’s desk last Friday, January 27, but he has yet to sign it

Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission granted a previously rejected applicant a license

Missouri campaign finance reports filed by two recreational legalization efforts
New Jersey may not meet the February 22 deadline to launch recreational sales

New Mexico Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments for a case regarding medical cannabis sales and gross receipts taxes for February 28
Ohio Secretary of State confirms activists collected enough signatures to force lawmakers to consider marijuana legalization


Bowlers called in to share stories about the first time they ever performed.

Next week we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got a sign from the afterlife.

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