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Goldman CEO says he sees ‘real wage inflation everywhere’ after 33% jump in pay expenses

American Airlines cuts 33 flights from San Antonio in March as part of nationwide reduction

33 car burglaries lead to 20 stolen weapons in Hattiesburg (MS)


33 deaths: Utah, New Mexico, Quebec 

Kentucky reports 33% positivity rate

Karnataka (India) positivity rate rises to 33%

Saskatchewan (Canada) positivity rate rises to 33%

Missouri Attorney General sues school districts over mask mandates


DEA proposes placing five tryptamine hallucinogens in Schedule I

San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies accused of illegally seizing $1 million from armored vehicles in federal lawsuit as well as Kansas 

Hearings begin 10 a.m. Friday for a lawsuit against Georgia regulators’ medical cannabis business licensing process

FBI probes Independence, MO medical cannabis and utility contracts

Nebraska Senator Mike Groene filed a limited medical bill and Governor Pete Rickets is willing to consider the new restrictive bill

New Hampshire Supreme Court rules people can’t be fired for off-the-clock medical weed usage

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management announced doctors will be able to issue medical marijuana recommendations to people for any condition they see fit

Lawsuit alleges NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration improperly helped Ascend Wellness seal its $75 million deal to buy the MedMen

EPMMNY vs. NYCANNA $600 million lawsuit virtual oral arguments scheduled for February 22, 2022
— For a recap of the case, listen to Bowl After Bowl Episode 129: Hung the Whole

North Dakota activists didn’t gather enough signatures to put recreational on the November ballot but are already forming committees to propose two future ballot measures

South Dakota Senate Health and Human Service Committee voted to limit medical patients to three homegrown plants

South Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill to ban medical home cultivation altogether

South Dakota Department of Health issued first registration certificates for medical cannabis dispensaries in the state last week

Austin, Texas will vote on decriminalization on the May ballot

Texas Agriculture Commissioner cut ties with a political consultant indicted on felony charges of theft and commercial bribery related to taking money in exchange for state hemp licenses that are doled out through the AC’s office


This week, The Rev. CyberTrucker brings us a metal Halo Combat Evolved Theme cover from Little VMills.


Bowlers called in to share stories about the first time they ever kissed someone romantically.

Next week we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever performed.

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